Kettle Moraine Kubb News

Kubb in the Kettle / Kubb on the Beach 2016


Labor Day Weekend – September 3 and 4

Friday Night Social ……to be determined…..we’ll be at the park Friday afternoon to mark pitches – join us – Lynn Saegert (Flippin’ Batons) will be demonstrating the proper way to stock a beverage cooler! Kubb fun at its finest!

Saturday Kubb in the Kettle Tournament at Pike Lake State Park in Hartford, WI Sign In 8:15-8:45am  – teams of 2 to 6 people, 2-4-6 opener, 2 batons in a row max per person, 25 minute games begin at 9am

Sunday Kubb on the Beach Tournament Sign In 9:15-9:45, games begin at 10am on the beach (will give you directions to the beach on Saturday) – join us in the sand for a mixer team format. 2 person teams mix up and change each 25 minutes. Individual wins will accumulate and the top 8 singles will pair up to play for the championship.




Kettle Moraine Kubb

Kettle Moraine Kubb is a non-profit club that was formed in 2013. The goal of the KMK is to introduce the fun and addictive game of Kubb – good for all ages and abilities. KMK plays all over the Kettle Moraine and various tournaments throughout the midwest.


What is kubb?

Kubb is an old Nordic game played with wooden game pieces.  Some say the Vikings played Kubb.  The game is played with six batons, 10 Kubbs, one king  and six marking stakes.  Due to the strategy involved, the game’s nickname is “Viking Chess”.  If the Vikings played the game or not, the birth of Kubb seems to be on the island of Gotland, Sweden, which now holds the World Championship.

Eau Claire, Wisconsin has been named the Kubb Capital of North America.  The Midwestern States host many Kubb Tournaments and there are many championship players in our midwest midst.

For more information about Kubb and tournaments:


Anybody can play!

From grade schoolers on up and up and up!  More schools are introducing this game/sport into the school curriculum and recreation programs.  Family gatherings and neighborhood get togethers are the perfect place.  Conversations can flow and there is no keeping track of scores.  KMK meets in park settings casually with “bring your own beverages and snacks”.  Join us anytime!